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The information below is provided to assist in the design and specification of neon.

Please note that specs may change as changes to code and technology occur. 
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Architectural Neon Lighting Specification:
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The Contractor shall furnish a complete neon lighting installation as described in the architectural details. Lighting shall be manufactured by Krypton Neon or approved equal.  Installation shall be by an approved contractor to be supervised by Krypton Neon or approved equal.
1. Neon Lamps output and glass tubing diameter shall be in accordance with contract drawings. Unless otherwise specified, they shall provide a continuous line of light. Maintained lumen output shall not depreciate more than 20% after 10,000 hours of operation. Lamp color to be selected by Architect based on samples provided. Glasswork must accurately comform to pattern. Glass bends and welds must be properly formed and annealed.  Lamps shall be processed with mechanical pump with aspirator and/or diffusion pump. Lamps shall be processed using accurate gauges for measuring process pressures, temperatures, ultimate vacuum, back-filling pressures, and dosage of mercury. Age lamps for minimum 24 hours.  Reject lamps showing darkening, stains, discoloration, spiraling or sputtering. Where required by law coat tubing with silicone or equivalent sealant.
2. Transformers  shall conform to the requirements of UL2161. Open secondary voltage shall not exceed 9,000 volts. Transformer shall be located as close and symmetrically as possible to the electrical center of a secondary circuit. Where required provide enclosed transformers that conform to the requirements of UL2161 with accesible wiring compartments. Install transformers only in accessible and ventilated areas maintaining 100 degrees F maximum ambient temperature. 
3. Dimmable Neon  must dim in a smooth curve without flicker, strobing, or isolated flashes, and shall not interfere with sound system. Provide ghost load where required. 
4. Secondary Wiring shall be listed integral sleeve silicone based GTO-15  with total length not to  not to exceed 20 feet. All wiring and insulating materials and methods must comply with NEC Article 600 as adopted by the local jurisdiction.
5. Lamp Housings where required, shall be listed for 7500 volts minimum. Material shall be borisilcate glass (Pyrex). Where required glassing housings shall be enclosed in metal with conduit fittings. Boots and end caps where required shall be listed for 7500 volts minimum and where required must be approved for damp or wet conditions.
6. Shop Drawings to be complete submissions for approval and maintenance. These shall include wiring diagram, scale plans and details showing the method of installation of lamps, transformers, secondary circuit, as well as complete bill of materials. Field dimensions are to be verified and included on shop drawings. Drawings shall show exact locations of all components and shall show a complete installation that complies with NEC Article 600 as adopted by the local jurisdiction. Provide copies of approved shop drawings for Owner's use in maintenance and lamp replacement.
7. Installation of lamps, lamp housings, secondary feeds, insulators and transformers shall be in strict accordance with the intent of the contract drawings and approved shop drawings of the neon manufacturer and shall comply with NEC Article 600 as adopted by the local jurisdiction. The Contractor shall assure that all lamps make secure electrical contact. Apply paint finish prior to lamp installation within architectural coves and or mounting surfaces.
8. Circuit breakers for transformer primary circuits shall be capable of being locked in open position.
9. Manufacturer: The following information shall be provided by the Contractor within 60 days of contract signing: name and location of neon manufacturer and list of previous jobs using neon.

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