Fortunately, I do believe we are seeing a return to well thought out and well constructed neon. Nowhere is this more evident than the seemingly overnight transformation of Times Square in the past year ."
"Does that count for all the different disciplines of the signmaking trade?"
Greenberg : "Of course . A well designed sign needs attention from many disciplines the moment the
idea is conceived."
"When I hear you talking about this, I truly think that you think that the line of quality has a parallel with the age of the manufacturer."
Greenberg : "There have always been very gifted young craftmakers . But I think that it costs a complete lifetime to know all the different disciplines ."
"You always installed the highest quality. You never made a distinction if it was for the neon units, housing or installation materials?"
Greenberg : "I see no reason not to. For example, why would I want to go through all the trouble to process
a tube again because the electrode pinch cracked when I tipped it off. Was the one dollar saved worth the extra effort? Why would I want to use materials that would have my customers' neon stop functioning?"
"Your colleagues or competitors sometimes attacked you when you were using that direct use or words."
Greenberg : "You make me sound like Ralph Nader. I think there are many in the industry who agree with me . When we speak we discover that there were
those around us that the status quo is okay. There are even some large manufacturers that are reevaluating
these issues . And I am glad because it means brighter times ahead.
"Good point, that `brighter times' quote. Nowadays one can see that less and less."
Greenberg : "If you mean the lower quality work, yes - it is sad . Sometimes a sign that was only in service a month ago is already stained or out . It gets back to focusing on what you are creating - not how
much you can earn right this minute." []
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