work has opened the live broadcasts of both 'The Grammy Awards' and 'The Tony Awards' . Films include 'Six Degrees of Separation', `Dead Presidents' and the upcoming `Men in Black' . My favourite club installation is a five story high thick jagged lightning surrounding Frankenstein's monster at Jeckill & Hyde's in New York ."
How does a small shop handle these large scale
Greenberg: "Every large scale neon piece is
from smaller units. I have the added benefit of working directly with the set fabricators and the production crew . Typically, I make the neon in my shop, and then it is delivered to and pre-assembled at the scenic shop . It is then disassembled and transported to the theatre where I reassemble the neon. While this may
 appear time-consuming, it
actually deals with
many potential problems in advance. On-stage time is very expensive and difficult to coordinate."


"You also describe yourself as an interactive /technology artist . What is that?"
Greenberg: "I have always enjoyed art where the
viewer can participate and cause things to happen . When I was a child I built fun houses to scare and amuse friends. I also enjoy art that moves and changes. In my work with sound/ environment artist Liz